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Hue chirping in here… glad to see the 4 pieces going to Jena… very cool…

I’ve been blogging a bit for the ARTS Lab site, trying to get some fulldome thoughts down, annotate some of those crazy slides I showed at domelab 2010… thoughts probably as scrambled as the charts and drawings, but might be some useable thoughts in there!…;-)

hoping some of my writing might spark some feedback, conversation…

Looking forward to seeing the Jena outcomes, see what they think of our experiment!

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on the road

loving hearing about the fisheye dreams!

Bradley and I are in Adelaide, about to embark on our great road trip thru Oz…

I am doing some thinking and writing on our wonderful workshop and will be blogging when I get some thoughts together on the road…

but I just want to say that the wonderful mix of tutors and participants that Vicki and team assembled was fabulous! I enjoyed working with you one and all! and I look forward to future Ai??fulldome ideas from all of you!

thank you for creating a wonderful frothing of ideas in my head about humans looking at humans without a frame! lots to cogitate there!

and for any of you who make it out to NM let us know so we can bring you into our little walmart generic drug list 2013. dome to try out the skateboard!

more very soon!


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participants’ photos and statements (so far)

I have uploaded photos of all participants I could catch up with (some can run a lot faster than me… but I’m tenacious!…;-)

I have also included their first impressions as “descriptions” on their photos, with hopes that all will continue to participate in the ANAT domelab2010 blog site and continue to discuss the experience and discoveries in the coming weeks as the exhaustion wears viagra on line purchase. off and the realizations and memories have time to perc.

Jacinta White

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what a great group!

Just want to say what a great group of folks we have here! All doing their best to co-op, share, do their best, get it done and done well… a bunch of pros and good folk as well… I’ve truly enjoyed working with them all! Participants, presenters, tutors and the lovely ANAT folk all!

Finding all teams willing to push the “rules” and dance around the “edges”, cialis co pay. question the parameters in intelligent and effective ways…. there have been several very interesting uses of close-ups, experiments with timing, explorations of various Ai??angles and environments…

I am very much looking forward to their final screening, as well as hearing from the participants on what they discovered in their week’s work.

New photos have been posted on both the ANAT and the ARTS Lab flickr sites… search domelab2010…

domelab2010 participants in the inflatable dome

domelab2010 participants in the inflatable dome



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First day…

Great first day at domelab 2010, very interesting group of creatives. Looking forward to some stimulating conversation! Divided them into teams and gave them cameras and sent them out to grab a few images for Paul Bourke’s iDome and a horizontal blow up dome. The campus has some lovely old stone archways and figtrees Whig lent well to the images. Interesting array of team differences in approach. Very much looking forward to their future offerings thru the week.Ai??
bentyl without a prescription.

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Oz language of coffee

in Perth. Trying to stay awake for a reasonable period. First order of business was learning to say “skinny flat white” so I can access my drug of choice. …;-) a little caffein and a walkaround with Vicki and Bradley to find some dinner should keep us awake for awhile. Looking forward to a good week with you all! can you order first.

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