Call for entries: 6th FullDome Festival in the Jena Zeiss-Planetarium

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Invitation to Submit 

The Jena Zeiss-Planetarium will host the 6th FullDome Festival from May 8th
to 12th, 2012. The organizers invite all fulldome producers to submit their
latest productions to the 2012 FullDome Festival. It is open to all
fulldome producers worldwide. In 2012, full-length feature shows with
lengths between 20 and 45 minutes will be welcome again. Students are
especially encouraged to contribute. Remaining a regular
program item, the Student Festival will present, and award prizes to,
fulldome sequences created by students at home and abroad. The Festival
will culminate with a Saturday-night gala of the best entries in the
categories of student contributions, professional clips, and of the winning
full-length show. The thematic focus in 2012 is on the concept of
»Dissolving Space«, a term that may be freely interpreted in all

Festival calendar

Tuesday, May 8 to Thursday, May 10, 2012 (afternoon and in the evenings):
full-length feature shows
Wednesday, May 9 to Saturday, May 12, 2012 (mornings): workshops
Thursday, May 10, 2012 (evening): fulldome short films
Friday, May 11, 2012 (evening): Student’s Festival
Saturday, May 12, 2012 (evening): Festival Gala with awards ceremony

Important deadlines

Signing up for full-length feature shows: December 16, 2011
Signing up for workshop subjects: February 1, 2012
Entry closing date for full-length feature shows and short films/clips:
March 2, 2012
Entry closing date for student productions and workshop contributions:
April 3, 2012
Sign-up closing date for workshops: April 30, 2012
Copy deadline for the program brochure: April 18, 2012
Early sign-up and entries would be appreciated.

FullDome Festival categories and show times

Full-length feature shows (Shows running between 20 and 50 min):
The productions chosen in this category (made in 2010 and 2011/12) are
publicly shown in full length in the Feature Show Program in the afternoons
and evenings of Tue 8 till Thu 10 May, 2012).

Fulldome short films and clips (Short films running maximally 15 min):
The entries chosen will be shown publicly at the Jena Zeiss Planetarium on
the evening of Thursday, May 10, 2012. A “best-of” selection of short films
in this category will be publicly shown in full at the Festival Gala on
Saturday, May 12, 2012 and are short-listed for the Audience Award.

Student fulldome productions (Student contributions running for a maximum
of 5 min each):
The entries chosen are shown in public and rated during the Student
Festival / Students’ Night on Friday, May 11, 2012. Outstanding
contributions will be shown at the Festival Gala on Saturday and are
short-listed for the jury’s and the audience’s FullDome Awards.

Workshops (Sessions every morning from May 9 till 12, 2012)
Workshops will be held on a variety of topics. Some of the subjects
planned: ?Fulldome Festivals ? quo vadis??, ?Fulldome: Sense and
Perception?, ?Promotion of the Fulldome Medium?, ?The Dome as an
Interaction Medium: Game Design & Real-Time Productions?, ?From Janus to
Fulldome – Ancient and Modern Myths of Surround Vision?. Most workshops
will not take place in the planetarium dome. Workshop contributions are not
eligible for awards. Participants need to sign up in advance. Suggestions
for speakers and subjects should be entered by February 1, 2012.

Special theme »Dissolving Space«
The prominent theme of the 2012 FullDome Festival is »Dissolving Space«. It
may be freely interpreted by fulldome productions in all categories.
Entries are welcome from professional or independent producers as well as
students. Contributions must not exceed lengths of 5 min (student entries)
or 15 min (non-student entries). A “best-of” selection from all show days
will be presented at the Gala on May 12. A jury will rate the productions
and decide on the ?Dissolving Space Award?.

FullDome Festival Gala (Saturday night, May 12, 2012)
This event will present outstanding student contributions, clips and short
films from all areas of the fulldome medium as short-listed by the jury and
the festival organizers, as well as the award-winning full-length feature
shows. The jury will assign the FullDome Awards for student works
(?Creative Award? and ?Performance Award?), and the spectators will confer
the ?Audience Award? by ballot. Prerequisites for entry, see to the links


Entries to the Festival will be short-listed by the jury for public
presentation at the Jena Zeiss-Planetarium during the 6th FullDome
Festival. Award winners will be selected by the jury from the contributions
All entries will be assessed by common selection criteria, viz.: Content
and treatment, technical implementation, artistic design, creativity,
originality, narrative quality, entertainment value, and general
contribution to the artistic, innovative and technical advancement of the
fulldome medium.

FullDome Awards

In addition to awards endowed with prize money, the jury of the 6th
FullDome Festival will also confer unendowed prizes for the category of
full-length feature shows. As in the previous years, there will be an
Audience Award conferred to the winner of a ballot among the spectators.
Carl Zeiss AG will again award prizes for outstanding contributions entered
by students in three categories, each endowed with EUR 500:
Creative Award (best idea); Performance Award (best implementation);
Audience Award. The Creative and Performance Awards will be selected by a
panel of expert jurors, whereas the Audience Award is selected by ballot
among the spectators of the FullDome Festival Gala on May 12th, 2012.

Festival Reel

A Festival Reel will be compiled from the selected festival contributions
(finalists), will be made available to interested fulldome theaters and
other potential facilities capable of presenting it. The participating
fulldome theaters may, under license from the Festival host, show the
Festival Reel, or parts thereof, for noncommercial purposes, but also
against an entrance fee. All proceeds from licensed presentations of the
FullDome Festival Reel will flow into the FullDome Festival for endowing
future awards. Full-length feature shows and workshop contributions will
not be included in the Festival Reel.

Further information and all prerequisites for entry are available at:

Follow us on Facebook:

Please feel free to contact the undersigned with any questions. We are
looking forward to all your FullDome Festival contributions.

Juergen Hellwig, Director Jena Zeiss-Planetarium
Micky Remann, Lecturer Weimar Bauhaus University, Media Faculty
Volkmar Schorcht, Carl Zeiss AG, Planetarium Division

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Interesting pricing model: price/pixel

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Sound Chamber

Hi everyone!

My sound chamber project is just gearing up with the installation being installed at Scitech.

I am really excited to share it all with you, as it was just starting out when Dome Lab was on. My team would remember me being a bit stressed and running off to take phone calls quite a bit!

Well – you can view the online component at Like it on facebook: and follow us on twitter @soundchamber.

It will be feautred on ABC’s Art Nation on Sunday the 24th.

Think about what sound you want to record – and then upload it online via our website!

Thanks for your support guys – and I hope all is going well with everyone!


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Hue chirping in here… glad to see the 4 pieces going to Jena… very cool…

I’ve been blogging a bit for the ARTS Lab site, trying to get some fulldome thoughts down, annotate some of those crazy slides I showed at domelab 2010… thoughts probably as scrambled as the charts and drawings, but might be some useable thoughts in there!…;-)

hoping some of my writing might spark some feedback, conversation…

Looking forward to seeing the Jena outcomes, see what they think of our experiment!

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Jena Fulldome Festival – further to Ben’s post

Hi all,


I am looking to send the four completed Dome Lab films and will be in touch shortly to finalise details.

In addition, there is a festival competition as per below …

The 5th Jena FullDome Festival will take place from May 12 to 14 in the Jena Zeiss-Planetarium. The Festival will feature something new: instead of the usual full-length feature shows, there will be a new category of short fulldome films with a maximum length of 15 minutes.

Also, in the context of the “Franz Liszt Year 2011” and on the occasion of the composer’s 200th birthday, media artists all over the globe are invited to submit fulldome visualizations based on pieces of music by Franz Liszt.

Participation is open to students, professional and freelance producers. A “best-of” selection will be presented at the Gala on May 14. A jury will assess the entries and confer the “VisuaLiszt Awards”, which are endowed with a total prize pool of 7,500 Euro.


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Full Dome Festival in Germany –

Entry deadline April 11th.  Perhaps send the four final projects from the ANAT 2010 Dome Workshop.

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Get your Fulldome Fix at Fulldome Fridays

Hi All

The Melbourne Planetarium has an upcoming festival of Fulldome Films from around the world. They will be playing every Friday night in February. So come along and get your fix of Fulldome.

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UK Fulldome festival

This looks interesting:

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Dome Lab 2010 Videos

Here are the 4 videos created during Dome Lab 2010.

Dome Lab 2010 – Don’t Talk To Me

Dome Lab 2010 – Elemental

Dome Lab 2010 – Tell Your Friends

Dome Lab 2010 – Smudge

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New Dome Space in Montreal

Brief article on a new dome in Canada, which among other things, raises a thought about domes whose primary function is cultural content. Which brings up something potentially stopping the flowering of Dome Cinema – its attachment to science and planetariums.

Domes built for the specific purposes of art and cinema might be more readily able to tackle the issues surrounding cultural content that is produced for planetaria, such as image quality, or needing to add ‘sciency’ elements to secure funding.

There is certainly a chance for early global collaboration on specifications and adaptability, and to create a viable business model worldwide before these spaces start popping up all over the globe, without any working relationship to each other.

The article also drops sum links to sum new tools, in particular which looks like a great tool for integrating realtime content from software like MaxMsp or Pd into a Dome Project.

Also check out the mini Dome they use in the Lab for production. awesome!

Immersive Theater Takes a Permanent, Dome-Shaped Form In Montreal, Alongside New Tools

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