Welcome to Dome Lab 2010

Hello everyone!

This blog is a shared space for participants, buy sexual viagral pill in singapore. tutorsAi??and program partners to document progress and findings – before, during and after the Lab.

Please feel free to post your ideas, questions, comments, suggestions or links here!

I will shortly be uploading the Lab schedule in the resources section. Until then, please have a read of Ben’s ground-breaking article, ‘Exploding the Frame’ – it provides an excellent introduction to fulldome and its peculiar challenges and potentials.

I’m very much looking forward to meeting and working with you all over the coming weeks…


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  1. Matt Tierney says:

    Hey All!

    Getting super excited about this now… Looks like such an amazing group of people, I can’t wait to meet you all! I feel very priveledged to be part of this, should be an amazing experience!

    See you Sunday,


  2. michelebarker says:

    Hi All

    First up, big thanks to Vicki, Ruth and all at ANAT for putting together such an amazing lineup – both tutors and students alike.

    I guess I’ll start off with a few observations and comments that pertain to my own area of research. I reread Ben’s article the other day – I’d come across his work about 18 months ago when I was doing research on a paper about the potential for dome within new media environments, and in may ways was thinking about how to ‘unframe’ projection-based works. What Ben says about how to rethink the actual creation of works for expanded cinema contexts is, whilst perhaps obvious in theory, I suspect is somewhat challenging in practice, and I look forward to having to rethink both production and display. It’s about seeing things differently.

    I’ve been thinking through the concept of unframing from a Baroque perspective – painted domed cathedrals to be precise! If you’re interested, the article I wrote (which was for the ANAT Super Human conference last year), it can be downloaded at http://secondnature.rmit.edu.au/index.php/2ndnature/article/view/155/68


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