Children of the Revolution

I’d also like to give a big thankyou to all who organized and participated in domelab, it was a unique and amazing experience, and created a few mental revolutions along the way in both the conceptual and production departments. It was great to see everyone’s finished projects on Friday night, what a buzz…and the after party was of volcanic proportions! (the volcano club was awesome and hilarious… can anyone remember what it was actually called?)

And yes, I too have been dreaming about / in domespace every night since. To the organizers: what have you done to us?!

p.s. does anyone in my group have a copy of the after effects file? I think I have to fix the edit, maybe it will make the dreams go away. indocin mexico pharmacy.

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  1. Vicki Sowry says:

    The ever-resourceful Ivan has informed me that the club was called The Devilles Pad.. “over 25s preferred”!

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