Dome Lab 2010 Day 1 Recap

Today was the first day of Dome Lab and it was full & fun & thrilling & frustrating & enlightening.

The day began with each of the tutors talking about their work in more detail and showing some of our proceses. I’ll let the other tutors talk more about their stuff, but I wanted to mention Peter Morse and his great DIY rigs that he built & used for shooting in Antarctica.

I showed a selection of clips of live action suhagrat mnany ka tareka. films that had been screened at DomeFest. We talked about the different approaches they had used, weather it was up-rezzed HD video, 35mm film, or HD video composited into CGI environments. I presented some excerpts from these on the inflatable dome later in the day to show examples of live video in a dome space. The response was great, with lots of great comments about what seemed to be working & what didn’t. Later on I had the chance to screen some of the same clips on an inflatable mirror dome.

After a break for lunch we had our introduction to cameras and our first shooting exercise. The exercise for the first day was to shoot a variety of shots, a mix of stills & video, that featured people. The groups pulled together an interesting selection of footage, with lots of unusual results. A few of the shots were quite effective, and everyone was surprised by what they saw in the domes.

At the end of the day we had a little adventure shopping, with a problem of NOT finding a liquor store. Then we got directions to a japanese restaurant, which we found after a labyrinthine walk. However, the restaurant had no beer service, so our group had a bit of a mutiny and half of us ended up at a nearby Irish pub, which had good pizza & Guinness, so I was happy. The dinner conversation was great, with several threads picked up from earlier in the day and the previous night. I collapsed into bed intellectually exhausted from the amazing group of people. It feels a bit like my best days in the university again, with a constant stream of stimulus & insight. I’m inspired by the great level of all the tutors & participants, and I hope I’m doing my small part to inspire them as well.

Some links to material: -DomeFest 2009, includes clip of “Rising” -R+J, a clip from DomeFest 2004 -The Magic Pumpkin by Livingglobe -Second City, timelapse from DomeFest 2007 -still photo from “Trip – Remix Experience” full dome version

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