DomeLab day 04

At the moment we are on the fourth day of DomeLab 2010. Yesterday and Tuesday the participants explored the camera options for shooting fulldome content. They figured out what worked and what doesnai??i??t, where are domeai??i??s sweets spots, which perspective is interesting etcetera. Information from the tutors supported them.

By everybodyai??i??s surprise, seven young actors joined us yesterday morning, and will participate at the project until Friday. After a productive day, everybody needed some time to relax. So we headed of to the beach, took a dive and had some fish and chips. During the meal the teams brainstormed for their productions, which continued until deep in the night.

This morning the teams started off with new energy, made storyboards and planned for the upcoming two days of shooting and editing. By viewing the shootings of the last two days, we can conclude already that there is a lot of experience and quality in the teams. I’m really looking forward to the ultimately team productions on Friday.

What I really like is the positive mood at the lab. After ‘work’ participants meet up for a drink or a walk through Perth. Tuesday night, back at the apartment Matt and Sarah showed me their work during a good meal. It seems like everybody have a great time.. Unfortunately only two days to go. femara without a prescription.

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