Relativistic Dome Lab Compression

Yesterday I swam in the Indian Ocean.

But enough about fun.

Has it only been 3 days of the Dome Lab? The prevailing opinion seems to be that we are in fact trapped in a section of anti-time and have experienced several weeks while the rest of the world has had only a relativistic few days.

Days 2 & 3 were both consumed with production exercises, which left me feeling like I was in film school doing quick turn-around competitions. Day 2 was a mix of shooting video & stills with fisheye lenses. The exercise ran long, as these things are wont to do, and we had to be rather brutal in the post-production process to get things done on time. Everyone did a great job of experimenting with different shots and styles, and watching them on the dome was an educational experience. We had a nice mix of gentle humor & thrills and each film told a little story that was comprehensible.

Day 3 was even more exciting, since all the groups learned well from the shooting on Tuesday. We had an audio recording snafu in the morning, so there ended up being a bit of time to kill while we got that sorted. By lunch we were ready to go, and the groups of domemakers dove in wholeheartedly.

Sadly, the day was ending and we didnai??i??t have time to view or edit the footage. Pressing on, we captured the footage and re-thought-out the schedule, and left the University for the beach. There, as I said, we swam in the Indian Ocean.

After dinner I embarked with Peter & Warik to a local pub. Peter regaled us tales of Anarcticica, and we talked of domes & 3D & games until the pub literally kicked us out.

On the final ride back we had a friendly encounter with the local constabulatory, but it all worked out all right. kamagra review.

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