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Children of the Revolution

I’d also like to give a big thankyou to all who organized and participated in domelab, it was a unique and amazing experience, and created a few mental revolutions along the way in both the conceptual and production departments. It was great to see everyone’s finished projects on Friday night, what a buzz…and the after party was of volcanic proportions! (the volcano club was awesome and hilarious… can anyone remember what it was actually called?)

And yes, I too have been dreaming about / in domespace every night since. To the organizers: what have you done to us?!

p.s. does anyone in my group have a copy of the after effects file? I think I have to fix the edit, maybe it will make the dreams go away. indocin mexico pharmacy.

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spontaneous endthoughts on domelab

a dynamic, competitive, anarchic process

required deprogramming of normal working processes and rewiring of screen-in-brain

was nice to work in groups with good dynamics

interesting examples and workshops but maybe too diverse in relation to final project… OR …too much emphasis on final project relative to other condolences for loss of pet. bits

lotsa fun and freakouts and action etc etc etc

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