Children of the Revolution

I’d also like to give a big thankyou to all who organized and participated in domelab, it was a unique and amazing experience, and created a few mental revolutions along the way in both the conceptual and production departments. It was great to see everyone’s finished projects on Friday night, what a buzz…and the after party was of volcanic proportions! (the volcano club was awesome and hilarious… can anyone remember what it was actually called?)

And yes, I too have been dreaming about / in domespace every night since. To the organizers: what have you done to us?!

p.s. does anyone in my group have a copy of the after effects file? I think I have to fix the edit, maybe it will make the dreams go away. indocin mexico pharmacy.

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Virtual Tour dome case study

I thought I’d share some thoughts on my first dome project. I directed a remixable ‘virtual tour’ pilot featuring four players from the Australian Chamber Orchestra. The original concept was to produce a fulldome immersive experience of the ensemble with augmented reality mobile information and real-time remix options at each real-world venue on the tour.

Here’s the project report as a PDF and some further bits on Flickr and Vimeo.

We used six different platforms in the pilot but I’m particularly interested in forzest. portable environments, dome or otherwise. Anyone interested in collaborations and getting other ensembles into the mix let me know.


Screenshot from the Unity app using the warped fisheye mesh

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Videos introductory presentations

To view videos of the tutors’ introductory sessions, visit the Resources section and scroll down. sildenatil.

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More fulldome resources and links

Fulldome resources

Warik’s canadian pharmeceutical viagra. comprehensive list – visit the Resources section.

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Dreaming in fulldome

Well I trust that one and all have now made it safely home from Domelab (with the exception of Hue whose travels continue).Ai??Ai?? That certainly was some after party!

Two days later and I am still suffering from jetlag, and as I lie awake at night I canai??i??t stop going over and over all of the Fulldome films that were put together in such a short space of time.Ai?? Each of the films appears in lucid detail and I find I can recall most of them shot for viagra valencia. shot.Ai?? What an incredibly powerful and visceral medium Fulldome is!Ai?? When I did manage to finally fall asleep on Saturday night I started dreaming in Fulldome, as though everything appeared through a fisheye lens.Ai?? This had never happened to me before and was a strange experience indeed.

Vicki, thank you for putting together a really great workshop.Ai?? Thanks also to all of the other tutors and all of the participants.Ai?? It was a real pleasure and a privilege to work alongside such a diverse and talented group of people.Ai?? The University of Western Australia was a great location for this event, great weather, beautiful and diverse surroundings (the menai??i??s toilet in the physics building not so beautiful), as well as good access to a wide range of resources.

The week has continued to fire my passion for Fulldome.Ai?? And it is good knowing that there is a great bunch of talented people out there who are just as inspired.

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Has anyone seen my bag … ebay coupon code advantage supplements.

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Hi dome-labbers. No doubt I’ll have more to say shortly, but I wanted to jot a little firstly while I sit here in some interstitial time-space having done the preliminary comb-through of the email jungle that I knew would await me upon my return.

Firstly, Vicki and tutor team, I want to express again my immense thanks to you for this experience. Really powerful business. Secondly, to my fellow participants, it was great to meet you and work alongside you on this thing. And thirdly, to my team members, Donna, Paul, Teresa, Yvette and Lyndi, thanks so much for being a rockin team, it was a great pleasure to work with you and put our heads together. It’s kind of hard waking up this morning and NOT getting on a bus to go shoot more mad 180 degree views of people tied up and wrapped in plastic…

So what does it all mean?

There are a lot of levels on which this workshop has worked for me. Firstly, to be exposed to the necessity of framing absurdly is a powerful thing, actually! To frame as close to the bottom as possible, and to KEEP doing it, again and again, is an oddly difficult thing! This is one of the aspects of my ‘smashing cinema against the dome’ comment; it is this ongoing abuttment of all that we know in terms of traditional a/v, against this Other form with its own very specific aesthetics and requirements.

And so coupled with the aesthetic questions, are questions of spectatorship, that other stalwart of cinema theory. I don’t often write facebook updates (like once a year), but oddly, this workshop has driven me to send out a bunch of them as some way of exporting the thoughts that have arisen during the time. The last one I sent I do want to share: “The dome is cracked right open; we must destroy the spectator.” Think I wrote it Thursday night round midnight as I sat there looking at rushes of our poor student actor trussed and panicking under black plastic and a strobe light (what were we thinking?!). I was trying to get at this really powerful sense of how a Dome orientation shifts the spectator, releases them from this mastery of being a single, fixed point in space that regards everything with equanimity and distance, and, in deed, refuses it. Expanded cinema has always had this goal in some way, but the viagra uk next day delivery. Dome experience definitely has a singular way of producing it, and, as Hue noted early on in her talk, it’s deeply phenomenological, it takes the traditional ways in which cinema speaks to the body, and adds in this powerful sense of movement…

Well, I could go on now, so I”m gonna stop there. Thankyou all, again, for the experience.

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Well. That about surpassed the best wrap I’ve been to.. What a mebendazole commercial canada. great night.. albeit a somewhat pained morning after!


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Some details on fulldome user communities.

There is a yahoo group called “small_planetarium“, concentrating on smaller domes, mostly individual enthusiasts, hobbiest, and small science centres.

There is also “fulldome“, also a yahoo group. In general higher level discussions.

There is also a DomePro yahoo group but pretty much dead.

The APS (Australasian Planetarium Society) has a google group

It cialis 20mg from pakistan. is only open to those who own a dome … if you do let me know and I’ll arrange an invitation.

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participants’ photos and statements (so far)

I have uploaded photos of all participants I could catch up with (some can run a lot faster than me… but I’m tenacious!…;-)

I have also included their first impressions as “descriptions” on their photos, with hopes that all will continue to participate in the ANAT domelab2010 blog site and continue to discuss the experience and discoveries in the coming weeks as the exhaustion wears viagra on line purchase. off and the realizations and memories have time to perc.

Jacinta White

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